Buying drums and cymbals for Christmas? Used/second-hand? Coming in a couple of days, my guide to buying cymbals: The Top 50 Cymbals in the last 50 Years, According to T Bruce Wittet.

Italian made 18" flat ride cymbal, branded "Pro Cussion"

18" rare Italian-made flat ride branded "Pro Cussion"

Guaranteed this list contains cymbal shocks and simple surprises.

Get ready to complain, “My favorites are not included in this list”. Go ahead, shoot your best shot. I can defend my choices, which are based on tone, popularity, pioneering spirit, pure audacity, and the fact that I love ‘em.

Of course, if you really want to cross-check my choices, do so by leafing through cymbalholic, the most comprehensive website on cymbals ever.

Are you into cymbals so deep you need an intervention?

Love cymbals? Are anal about them? Believe it, my photo appears in a Freud treatise on obsession. I collect them, hide them behind closed doors, I own rivets older than you.

Expect my list in a day or two, latest Friday, December 6, 2011. Thursday in Cornerbrook, Providence, and Kennebunkport…just wanted to use all three in a single sentence.

Here’s a taste of brands included: Bosphorus, Sabian, Zildjian, Tosco, Ufip, Wuhan, Meinl, Dream, Paiste, Krut, Super Zynn, Istanbul Agop and, as depicted, Pro Cussion, “made in Italy”…but no K Zildjian Istanbul or Constantinople, too much of a snake pit. Tbw