The Modern Drum Shop: NYC, retailer and source of custom drumsets

One of my photos of the Modern Drum Shop, 2004, Nikkormat > film

I’m shooting from the sidewalk (duh), 30th Street just west of 7th Avenue. The institution and its owner Joe Cusatis have long gone, Joe into retirement, the bricks & mortar swapped over. Go to T Bruce Wittet’s Gallery of the Unseen for a cleaner shot and get to wondering: How much are those drums in the window…?

View up from 30th Street, Modern Drum Shop, NYC

Snapshot taken  prior to interviewing Joe for Modern Drummer magazine.

Gear: Nikkormat FT2A, 55mm f1.2 and shot on film. If you’ve read this last bit, why not venture over to the best website for camera enthusiasts and pros) meaning go visit Ken Rockwell.