expanDrums are expandable snare drums. James Patterson’s design enables you to expand depth from piccolo to deep-shell in minutes. A young’un takes a fresh look at an old idea

The young’un is James Patterson, a Canadian inventor. I interviewed him on assignment for the Longueuil, Quebec,Canada magazine Drums Etc.

expanDrum, adjustable height snare drum and toms

my notes on expanDrums, Tbw

I haven’t heard an expanDrum in the flesh except on the videos you are about to see if you follow the links. I have catalogs showing similar items dating back to the age of vaudeville but Mr Patterson’s slant is new, so novel it’s been granted a patent. The key to the expanDrum is the hardware, meaning expander-struts that raise top shell from bottom. You get thin air in the middle, much like the old Ludwig Coliseum, but the difference is that the expanDrum is not fixed in depth.And instead of thin air, you can fix a shell segment made from maple, Acrylic or, well, sky’s the limit.

While big trees grow from little acorns in time, Patterson’s made it quicker. You can “grow” or collapse your snare drum shell between sets and have enough time left over to order poutine, a Quebec dish, also patented, comprised of gravy, French fries, curds, and God knows. Similarly, this haute couture (pun intended/attempted) will take you from skinny to fat.

Hats off to a fellow Canadian. Again, I have not played one but I have heard that the expanDrum sounds good, and is hyper-sensitive whether extended or collapsed.

expanDrums are now abvailable in snares, toms, kicks I believe. At any rate, maybe you want to check them out.

Check this out: http://www.indiegogo.com/drum?c=gallery