Koide Cymbals revisited pre T Bruce Wittet.com NAMM 2014 Drum Coverage

Before I get to usual T Bruce Wittet Awards for drums & cymbals at winter NAMM 2014: Koide cymbals revisited. They’ve changed! They settled-in. This I discovered when recording a few at Bova Sound. Watch the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqyMawHKOec

As for NAMM, the weather and the news—the cymbals and the drums—were spectacular, even though biting cold winter bumped my flights and caused me to arrive 1.5 days late to sunny Anaheim, CA.

I’ve delayed my NAMM coverage to ensure I’m not overlapping with others’ coverage. My findings are, as usual, off the beaten track. You’ll be delighted, if you’re any sort of Freudian/anal drummer.

My B23 Koide prototypes curiously have not yet made it to the Koide catalog or Koide website. I’m waiting for Mr Koide or Satoko to get back to me. Meanwhile, I’m honored that Mr Koide sent me the only North American examples of his prototypes.

Revelation: The B23 Koide cymbals I perceived as a little brittle in terms of pitch and feel have settled down. I gigged them and recorded them more than twice and I’ve found that the icy bells work in tandem with the extra-hard alloy, taper, and profile to deliver glassy overtones, almost pitched harmonics, good attack, and a fat presence…really fat, which is the surprise. Wait a few months and these cymbals drop in pitch and get punchy.

On the clip you will hear me thank Tony and Don from the local liquor outlet, where, when jet-lagged returning from California,  I inadvertently dropped a surgical glove (obtained from my mom’s nursing home). I use surgical gloves for studio drum muffling (maracas, too). It sounds frivolous but they’ve worked for me over the last several years when recording.

That’s one thing. But drop one at the liquor control board cash register (Tony: who is half my age, like everybody these days, alas) and you’re immediately perceived as a pervert (when you phone Don inquiring about the loss). Pervert? Maybe but not on account of surgical gloves.