I Will Write for You

I can write your texts. I charge below half of what agencies charge. And my content equals — usually exceeds — theirs. It ought to. I’m considered an expert in the industry. What I don’t know I investigate. I get up -to-speed quickly. Your product is displayed credibly and in the right tone.

I write behind-the-scenes for the music industry, either M.I. or artist-sectors. I write anything you need, from the simplest bulletin or letter to catalogs, bios & content articles for web, press releases (by the hundreds), and complete ads. Speaking of the latter, I’m artsy but I’m not a graphic artist.  So I bring-in colleagues who believe in doing the job within your budget.  This is not sleeper stuff.  It looks good, savvy, slick if necessary, and it sells your product. I write in a tone appropriate to your target audience.

I believe that the reason many ads contain a maximum of three-sentences is that they’re done by brand managers who aren’t writers. They do their best to come up with a few bullet-phrases and a catchy title — then off it goes on a-wing-and-a-prayer.  I can do the quick in-and-out , if that’s what you’d prefer. I prefer, however, “learning” your product, understanding what you’re doing, and writing it up so that it sits well in the milieu — above the competitors. I’m not a marketer but I’ve got chops here, so much so that independent designers and small companies often contact me for advice on how to best represent and promote their products in the short and long run.  They want to know if they’re on the right track; and if their inventions are viable in today’s market. I’m brutally honest here. But I can get wildly excited and this is reflected in my copy.

I’ll edit and make changes, within reason, until you are satisfied.

Note: I specialize in drums and percussion and have accumulated an extensive portfolio in these areas, but I’m well-aware of developments in guitars, amps, modeling, recording devices, keyboards, preamps, strings for all instruments, etc.  I try to attend winter NAMM at least every second year. I wear a rare, coveted indie pass that reads simply:  T Bruce Wittet, Media.

If I may be candid for a moment, I’ve written hundreds of press releases for $75 to $125 /per, each of them successful in promoting products and placing in Upbeat Daily, magazines print/web, and all of them amenable to Google Search.   I hope agencies score the same results. At upwards of $350 per press release they ought to….

You want to hire an expert, someone who gets it because he’s been smack in the middle of this industry all his adult life? We should talk.

Thanks, Bruce